No Reservations Tips!

Galaxy’s Edge will be open to the public like any other land is open at Disneyland. When the land gets full, expect for Disney to begin queuing lines at one of the three Galaxy’s Edge entrances.

The app is a must to maximize your experience. Aside from maps, wait times, and games, you need the app to join the digital queue for Oga’s Cantina and Savi’s Lightsaber Workshop.

Expect for lines to be long. There is NO fastpass, maxpass, or digital queue for this attraction (yet).
Cast Member Tip: “Smuggle as a Single Rider, the line will be shorter!”

The app allows you to queue single, small, or large parties. You will be charged $10 for each no-show person. 2 drink max per person, 45 minute experience.
Cast Member Tip: “Non-alcoholic drinks are available for Jedi of all ages!”

Pre-pay required via the app. No refunds, exchanges, or transfers.
Cast Member Tip: “If you don’t want to buy a Lightsaber, ask a Cast Member if there is ‘standing room available,’ they might just let you watch the show!”

Expect for lines to be long. There is NO fastpass, maxpass, or digital queue for this attraction (yet). Purchase of droid and accessories are made inside the Droid Depot Shop.
Cast Member Tip: “Buy a personality chip and leave your droid ON while walking around Galaxy’s Edge, your droid may interact with other droids!”

Galaxy’s Edge Cast Members are encouraged to give you an immersive experience. If a Cast Member goes above and beyond for you, give them a Cast Compliment at City Hall on Main Street!

Put away your phone and camera! Take time to experience the land first. Trust us, there is plenty of time for pictures and social media later.

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One thought on “No Reservations Tips!”

  1. ***UPDATE***
    Yestersay we warned our readers about the possibility of Disney creating queue lines if Galaxy’s Edge filled to capacity. Galaxy’s Edge filled to capacity within 20 minutes of opening day! You will need to sign-up for a “boarding pass,” via the Disneyland App. It’s essentially a digital queue line.


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